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Mission Statement

Our rapidly changing environment is continuously placing new demands on our ability to process information and find balance in our lives.  Within the myriad solutions that can help us adjust to change and discover our potential, iLs has the promise to play a meaningful role. It is our mission to bring this therapy to as many people in need as possible, and in the process build a self-sustaining, profitable business which can promote, teach and support the users of the method.

Chronology of iLs History

1989 After years of searching for a solution to their daughter’s dyslexia, Ron Minson, MD and his wife, Kate O’Brien Minson, find success with a sound therapy developed in Europe by a French ENT, Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Their daughter’s improvement is so significant that Dr. Minson is moved to investigate sound therapy as an additional modality for his own practice.

1991 Dr. Minson travels to Europe to study with Dr. Tomatis. Upon returning to the U.S., he integrates the therapy into his psychiatric practice.

2000 Dr. and Kate O’Brien Minson begin developing their own sound equipment to improve the Tomatis equipment.  Their new company is called Dynamic Listening Systems (DLS), and the Minsons begin training other therapists in the method.

2004 The Minsons are contacted by Randall Redfield, a marketing executive working for a movement therapy company, who inquires to see if sound and movement can be combined to make a more effective therapy. They conduct a test which demonstrates the efficacy of sound therapy for those with ADHD, but the firm Redfield is employed by is not in favor of collaboration.

2005 Redfield joins the Minsons to help them build their company, DLS.

2007 After 2 years of research and development, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is formed.   The iLs approach represents a departure from the Tomatis Method in the following ways: the integration of sound and movement, new protocol design and use of frequencies, portable equipment, shorter training, and a new interactive language program focusing on auditory processing skills.

2008 iLs begins selling the world’s first portable sound system integrated with a movement program.  iLs trains 85 therapists in their first year.

2011 Within 4 years, iLs has trained over 2,500 therapists in the U.S.  The company’s portable sound/movement system and interactive language program are used in over 15 countries, new research studies are underway, and iLs creates an investment offering to grow the company.

Management Team
Randall Redfield, CEO, Co-Founder
Kate O’Brien Minson, President, Co-Founder
Ron Minson, MD, Clinical Director and Advanced Trainer
Frederick Renner, Chief Financial Officer

U.S. Trainers
Ron Minson, M. D.
Kate O’Brien Minson
Ann Brownstone, MSOTR/L; SWC
Misty Standard, CCC-SLP
Jennifer Griffith, OTR
Doreen Hunt, OTR
Mary Jones, OTR/L
Andrea Pointer, CCC-SLP
Joanne Holmes, OTR
Cindy Dawkins, OTR
Dillen Hartley, OTR

Website | News & Content Team
Kirill Kniazev, Online Marketing & Content Manager
Lindsey Halsell, Content Writer

Australia Distributor/Trainers
Maxwell Fraval, D.O.
Harry Armytage
Martha Mack, Psychologist
Mariane Judd, Extra Lesson Practitioner/Trainer

Latin America Trainers
Irene Rodríguez, LD Specialist, Educator
Clara Montano, Psychologist and Health Care Practitioner

Contact Information:
Integrated Listening Systems
925 S. Niagara St., Suite 660
Denver, CO 80224
TEL: 303-741-4544
EMAIL: contact@integratedlistening.com

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