girlBased on the concept of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change with specific and repeated stimulation – iLs programs strengthen and build new neural pathways to allow for more efficient processing of sensory information.   As these neurological connections grow stronger, skills related to learning, attention, language and self-confidence also tend to improve.

The iLs program is customizable for different student’s individual needs.  It is fun, easy to implement, and the sessions can be monitored by any adult one-on-one or in small groups.


iLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system, influencing the following systems and their function: auditory, visual, vestibular (balance and coordination), motor, cognitive (thinking and reasoning)  and emotional.  As a result, it is successfully applied to a wide variety of conditions:

  • Learning - Building the skills which enable success in school: attention, visual and auditory processing, memory, self-expression, social skills
  • Neuro-DevelopmentalAchieving therapeutic goals related to emotional and behavioral regulation, sensory processing, communication and social skills; examples: Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy
  • Psychological/EmotionalImproving attention, emotional balance and vitality

To learn more about the science underlying iLs, see How iLs Works

School Demo Video: Denver School Pilot Study Video:

Educator Training

  • Certification in iLs is achieved through completion of the Practitioner Training Course (PTC), a 1-day course which is also available online.  Please see the Training page for specifics.
  • iLs recommends at least 2 individuals from each school be trained. Trainees need not be teachers; support staff, paraprofessionals or volunteers may monitor a listening session.

Program Structure

  • Program sessions are flexible and may be customized per school schedules; typical programs are 30-60 minutes in length, 3-5 times per week
  • Most programs are a total of 30-40 sessions over a 2-3 month period
  • Sessions may be completed in small groups or one-on-one


  • A waist pack is worn by each student, carrying an iPod loaded with iLs treated music; headphones are connected to the music source to enable listening while moving
  • Visual tracking and balance games are combined with listening for part of each hour, while quiet activities combined with listening fill the remainder of the time.
  • Each unit can be customized for individual needs (e.g. sensory motor, attention, reading/auditory processing)


The iLs Support team is available for all Associates via email and telephone.  Additionally, the Professional Resources pages of our web site have supporting documents, videos and on-demand webinars which can be accessed at any time.  Professional development and ongoing training in iLs is enthusiastically supported through courses, newsletters, case studies and ongoing research.  For more detailed case consultation, iLs’ Clinic Director and Advanced Certification trainer, Ron Minson, MD, is available by appointment.

The iLs Satisfaction Guarantee  While no one can guarantee results with each individual student, we can guarantee each schools’ satisfaction with our service and our products.

iLs Overview This document summarizes iLs program structure, application and supporting research.  It is particularly helpful for professionals who wish to introduce iLs to their colleagues.

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