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Clinical Feedback

Individual: boy, age 5, sleeping difficulties, anxiousness

Pillow Usage: nightly for 5 weeks

Results:  I have a child who has been using the iLs Pillow for about 3 weeks, with great results!  He is sleeping through the night for the first time in 5 years (his whole life) and finally he and Mom are getting some rest!  His family has now purchased the iLs Focus 200 for him to do the regular iLs Program during the day.


Individual: boy, age 8;  sensory processing, attention and behavior challenges

Pillow Usage: nightly

Results: I am an occupational therapist and mom of two boys, one of whom has attention, sensory processing and some behavioral challenges.   I purchased an iLs Pillow at Christmas (2012) time and have been letting my 2 sons use it, alternating each night.  Their schedule got mixed up and my ‘sensory’ son ended up without the pillow for 2 nights in a row.   After a couple nights of bad sleep, very bad behavior resulted.  Once we got him back on the pillow he slept well and the behavior improved immediately.  We now make sure he gets the pillow every night.  This is what we have noticed since the beginning of January 2013:

He is asleep within 30 min or less and is rested when he wakes up

He is less reactive during school work (fight or flight response with assignments)

He is more emotionally relaxed and stable

He will go and begin his school work without a fight

He is happier and easier to interact with when things do not go his way

Thanks to all of you and your hard work there at Integrated Listening Systems!!!  My son is much happier and it is great!


Individual: Male; age 9; ADHD diagnosis, auditory processing deficits, reading difficulties, poor balance, exhibits anxiety over schedule changes and upcoming events, unable to sleep past 6 am since infancy; athletic, social, loves school.

Pillow Usage:   At home, every night for over two months.  (Starts out sleeping on his side, but ends up sleeping on his stomach but the side of his head stayed on the pillow)

Results:  Before trying the iLs pillow, child had completed 1 full summer of the iLs Total Focus program and the iLs Interactive Language Program.  He had also completed 25 home sessions of iLs Sensory Motor Program.  Each piece resulted in improvements for him.

Nevertheless, he still had trouble staying asleep past 6 am (always waking up ready-to-go).  He still had trouble with meltdowns/tantrums at home after holding it all together very well at school all day.  He still had anxiety that would build about certain upcoming events/teachers/situations.  And he still had trouble reading to himself out loud and comprehending what he read.

He tried the iLs Pillow and his meltdowns were reduced substantially, as was anxiety.  He even “slept-in” till 8:00 am one day and 10:30 am another day (the latter after having gone to sleep at 10 pm following an event the night before). First time ever!

In addition, his willingness to listen to books-on-tape (while reading along with a paper copy of the book) also increased substantially during the time he was using the pillow – with great success resulting on the reading comprehension tests he then took on the books at school!

After about a month of using the iLs Pillow, he got tired of the same music (the iLs pillow music), so we switched to the Relaxation I music.  We noticed some changes, not negative, as in bad changes, but less favorable on behavior/anxiety, so we went back to the iLs pillow music.  We stopped the pillow the other day, after about 2 months of use, and our son requested to have it back. J


Individual:  female; age 8; ADHD and anxiety

Pillow Usage: 1 week

Results:  She had a good experience using the pillow.  The music immediately relaxed her and helped her get to sleep more easily.  She also took responsibility to choose the music she wanted to hear.


Individual: Female; age 12; SPD; Anxiety; CAPD; Dyslexia

Pillow Usage: at home, every night for over 2 weeks

Results: Comment from parent: “Much calmer at nighttime; less restlessness and movement during sleep; better disposition for morning routine”

Comment from OT:  Great tool to prepare this child for the clinic program, she was struggling with Bone Conduction tolerance – rapid escalation to dizziness; pallor; nausea.  Now she is able to progress with the preliminary clinic program for longer duration, better tolerance and increased compliance.


Individual: Female; age 4; difficulty sleeping, sensory integration delays, torticollis as infant, gross motor delays as infant

Pillow Usage: at home every night for over a month

Results: The child was crying during sleep as a result of anxiety and was having a difficult time falling asleep.  With the use of the pillow she would fall asleep within 15 minutes and was not crying during her sleep.  When the pillow was not used, crying during sleep resumed.  She was also unable to tolerate the bone conduction on the headset however within 7 days of using the pillow she no longer complained that the headset was hurting her.


Individual:  Male; age 5; History of tactile sensitivities; Currently has mild visual processing weaknesses and mild vestibular dysfunction.  Born at 37 weeks gestation.

Pillow Usage: used at home every night for over a month

Results: Prior to using the pillow, W took approximately 1 hour to “wind down” and go to sleep.  The 1st night he used the pillow he fell asleep in 5 minutes, and the 2nd night he fell asleep in 2 minutes (as his mom set a timer). He consistently goes to sleep within 5 minutes of putting his head on the pillow and will avoid putting his head on the pillow if he wants to stay awake until mom “catches him” doing that behavior.  W stated after the 1st week “classical music is awesome” and reports “when I sleep on my music pillow, I don’t have bad dreams.”  He carries it with him when he visits his grandparents/sleeps away from home and he always “double checks” to be certain his mom didn’t forget to pack it.


Individual: Male; age 5; cyclic vomiting, mitochondrial disorders, low tone

Pillow Usage: at home, every night for two weeks

Results: During the trial period with the pillow, P’s sleep and calming habits improved.  He would seek to increase regulation and calm himself.

Parents reported their son loved the music and “Significantly Better” observed changes in the areas of: stress level, sensory sensitivity, behavior, prep for clinic program and daytime functioning.


Individual: Female; age 7; auditory processing deficits

Pillow Usage: at home, 4-6 times per week, for over a month

Results: This child had trouble falling sleep and at times complaint of taking a looooonnnnngggg time to fall asleep.  Now she looks forward to her music pillow and ¨races her pillow to sleep and always wins.


Individual: Male; age 5; dyspraxia, SPD, expressive and receptive language disabilities

Pillow Usage: 3x per week, awake and asleep for 3 months

Results: Decreased nightmares, improved ability to fall/stay asleep by ~ 50%, decreased enuresis by 75%


Individual:  N/A; N/A; Oppositional defiant disorder SPD

Pillow Usage: 2 months at home

Results: Decreased anxiety and improved behavior around going to sleep, improved ability to fall and stay asleep by ~ 85%


Individual: female, age 9; brain injury, cerebral palsy, epilepsy

Pillow Usage: Client was using the iLs Sensory Motor Program but was not tolerant of bone conduction; in fact, even the lowest levels of bone conduction caused extremely negative reactions.  Pillow was introduced to child and she embraced it from Day One.

Results:  “After the 3rd night using the Pillow, bone conduction was attempted during the Sensory Motor Program and well tolerated.  With continued use of the pillow, bone conduction was gradually increased during the Sensory Motor Program to 100% by session 25 without further incident.  In addition to improved bone conduction tolerance, we observed several other notable improvements during the 6-weeks of pillow use: decreased night waking, improved behavior upon waking and improved compliance with morning routines, and reduced anxiety.  We continue to use the pillow frequently as our daughter requests ‘her music’ at bedtime.”


Individual:  Female; age 6; PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sensory hypersensitivity, vestibular, auditory and visual discrimination problems, dyspraxia, microcephaly, and FAS, expressive/receptive language delays, in foster care

Pillow Usage: Used in clinic twice and then took home and used at bedtime for 2 weeks

Results: Reduced general anxiety, had calming effect; increased sleep, increased tolerance for other types of sound therapy equipment involving headphones


Individual: Male; N/A; PTSD, stuttering, in foster care, prenatal exposure substance abuse

Pillow Usage: Used 1x per week during clinic visits for 2 months

Results: Client used the pillow to calm self initially while lying down but then was more organized after use and better able to follow verbal directions.


Individual:  Male; age 5; SPD, difficulty sleeping

Pillow Usage: At hotel during intensives (visiting STAR Center from abroad)

Results: Mom said it was first time child was able to fall asleep and stay asleep “in ages”; doubly surprised since they were in foreign environment of a hotel; wants to buy pillow


Individual:  Female; age 5; SPD, tantrums, often for 1-2 hours continually;

Pillow Usage: Doing iLs Focus at home which was helping until mom got sick and was not able get Focus program done for a number of days.  Parent called therapist saying “K” was ‘falling apart’ as Focus sessions weren’t happening.  Therapist gave mom pillow.

Results: Total use was for 6 days.  After 2 nights using pillow tantrums were reduced to 15 min per day (from 1-2 hours).  Starting with 3rd night, tantrums reduced to 5 in and were controllable.  Quote from mom: “K’s face and attitude show less fear and depression.  Wow, this was great!  This got K over the edge and back to ‘normal’.  In a period where we had no way of doing iLs and things were falling apart, this was a savior.  I would use it again in a time of crisis but I question if it can build strength and change as much as the iLs headphones and workouts.”


Individual:  N/A; age 2; gags on solids, difficulty with transitions, stays away from specific textures, emerging vocab but limited, seems to have an obsession with doors, and lights, vents and toys that have a cause and effect

Pillow Usage:  Mom put pillow in bed while D was asleep, he woke up and pushed it away.  3rd – 5th night he slept on it while music was playing.  Now mom uses it after D has fallen asleep and he doesn’t mind waking up to it.

Results: Within 2 weeks of using pillow he began tolerating BC headphones in clinic therapy. Quote from mom: “His language is improving, he now has a new word each day, he transitions to new tasks more easily.  He is exploring new foods but still occasionally gags.”


Individual: Male; age 6; autism

Pillow Usage: Put in bed when asleep, first 2 nights he woke up and pushed it aside (possibly did not hear music); Turned up volume on 3rd night and he heard it and said “I hear music.” Slept with pillow every night thereafter for 1 month.  Mom: “He loved it.”

Results: “Noticed better enunciation and more words once he was using the pillow nightly.”  Mother has requested to buy the pillow


Individual: Male; age 5.2; autism

Pillow Usage: Used nightly to fall asleep for a period of 1 week, loved it

Results: After using for 1 week he is now transitioning to BC headphones with no problem


Individual: Male; 27 months; autism, SPD, feeding issues, gagging, sound sensitivity

Pillow Usage: Home use, 4x per week after falling asleep, 45-60 min

Results: Prior to pillow would not do iLs at all; he is now tolerating iLs much better, increasing session length gradually


Individual: Female; age 7; dyspraxia, SPD, expressive and receptive language disabilities

Pillow Usage: At home 4x per week awake and asleep for 3 months

Results: Decreased disrupted sleep, nightmares, improved ability to fall/stay asleep ~25-50%


Individual: Male; Age 10 years; nonverbal non-reader, Diagnosed Autistic

Pillow Usage: one day

Results: I had brought out the pillow for the first time to trial the child’s response/reaction.He is nonverbal, and when we were set to trial it, Mom discovered he had put two glass beads up his nose. Clearly they had to be removed (x-rays are pending in case there were more..)  He was hurting, already hitting his head, crying and then bit his mother..

I came up behind him with the pillow playing and gently rested it between us, he stopped, calmed, we were able to stroke the beads out of his nose. The behaviorist had previously assisted at 2 very traumatic haircutting sessions. During the beads (yes, sadly there was a second one!) He came to us agitated, crying, then calmed, laid on their couch, relaxed into the process, all removals successful, he then calmed, more, explored the pillow, when he was done, he started to vocalize and ‘sing’, then moved to another place calmly and began to interact and play vocal sound games with me.

The entire team and family were stunned!! I was not at the haircutting, but this was apparently unlike anything the mom, and others had ever seen in his life!!


This pillow was purchased for an 8-year-old client who had difficulty sleeping outside of his mother’s bedroom and difficulty staying asleep through the night.

The first night in use – the child was able to sleep through the night.

The pillow was then used as a transitional tool over the next three weeks to get him to sleep in his own bed. It was successful.

This is an extremely useful tool.



I am an OT. I am trialling the pillow with a 6 year old who was taking 45 minutes to one hour to fall asleep. He is generally falling asleep now within 20-30 minutes. THANK YOU.

Barbara Marshall


I run a small clinic and have quite a few clients with sleep and anxiety issues. These factors create difficulty with progression of therapy and often make use of iLs in clinic challenging. The iLs pillow has helped tremendously with prep for in clinic listening as well as addressing sleep issues interfering with cooperation and performance.

Have seen some amazing results.

Darlene Boudreaux


I am an SLP in an outpatient rehab facility. We loan out our iLs pillow for 3 week periods so our kids can trial it at home before their parents decide to purchase one themselves.

I am seeing a 4 year old child who is currently functioning at a very low level– cognitively and physically. He had difficulty falling asleep and would wake up whining and crying each morning. Mom noticed, during their 3-week trial of the iLs pillow, that instead of crying to sleep and wake up, with the pillow he would laugh and smile himself to sleep and enjoyed listening/dancing to it in his crib when he woke up. Mom said “If that is the only benefit we ever see from using it, it’s worth the money!” and purchased one for him the next week! This was four weeks ago. He continues to enjoy hearing the music to fall asleep and dances in his crib when he wakes up each morning!

Kaycie Rogers


Although my employment of the iLs Pillow is rather unusual; it is serving my purpose well thus far. I use the Pillow for my acupuncture patients while they are resting with needles. Not one of the 17 I have used it with complain and the majority ask for it if I forget to tuck it under they’re pillow. It is particularly helpful for patients suffering from anxiety disorders and general stress.

Linda Doering


The iLs Pillow has consistently improved the sleep of every patient who has used it. There has also been symptom reduction in patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and various childhood disorders. The iLs pillow is easy to use and convenient as its thin profile fits into a suitcase for travel. The new lower price makes it more affordable for my patients.

Craig Weiss


The flatter design is an improvement. I think the previous pillows had a apple product player, and my families have voiced disappointment with the low grade of the player. Having said that, I continue to recommend the pillow and see the best results with anxiety children.

kristen bohan


W. a 9 year old boy was unable to get sound sleep and would end up without covers and lying sideways in his bed every night. Part of his challenge was getting to sleep as it would routinely take 45 minutes to an hour. He used the pillow for two weeks. On the first night, his mother said that he ended up going to sleep within 15 to 20 minutes with his head at the top of the bed and laying on the pillow. The benefit was so marked that they purchased a pillow.

Elizabeth Wesley


We started using the ILS pillow at our OT pediatric clinic with great success.

Most ct. experience significant quicker times to fall asleep when using the pillow. Their parents also noted decreased over all stress and decreased behaviors over the course of the day.

We also use the ILS pillow as a stepping stone for the full ILS listening therapy for children who are very sensitive to bone conduction of the headphones. Again- this proofs to be very successful and we are able to move clients from the pillow to the headphones after a couple of week using the pillow.

OT pediatric clinic

Parent & Individual Feedback

In short, I’m a big fan of the Dreampad. It’s odd to be admitting this. I’m not someone who likes sleeping with music…. but the music that the Dreampad played made me feel like I was lying on a massage table at a luxury spa… My brain seemed to get the message, too: Instead of it running through a dozen things I had to remember for the next day, it rested. I zoned out. I fell asleep significantly faster than usual…. If your mind races when you lie down to sleep,  the Dreampad may help you get the Zzzs of your dreams.

Katherine Boehret, writer/reviewer for re/code online magazine

I have a 3 year old with SPD. He always takes a long time to relax and fall asleep, taking anywhere from 40-60 minutes. Plus he only gets 8-10 hours of sleep at night. My wife and I have tried everything to make it easier for him to go down, from melatonin, magnesium supplements, herbs, etc. We tried the dreampad since nothing was working. It took some trial and error to get the right volume and music that would calm him but once we got there the results have been remarkable. He takes shorter time going to sleep with less anxiety. The biggest change is mornings. He used to have sensory meltdowns right away after waking up. We’ve noticed a significant difference there – he wakes up with a smile and his meltdowns in the morning have mostly been eradicated. It’s great to have my boy wake up with a smile on his face!


I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to your team for your product and amazing support. I just got back from my doctor, and I am thrilled to note that after using the Dreampad for about 5 weeks, my medication for depression has been halved for the last month without ill effect, and my sleeping medication has been halved (I have been on it for 5 years and it is notoriously difficult to break dependence on it).
I don’t really know how to adequately express how grateful I am to be given access to the tools to break this dreadful cycle of over-reliance on medication.  I took my Dreampad to show my doctor what I was using at home.  He is interested in looking into it further after seeing the amazing results I have experienced in such a short time.

Pippa Olivier
Calgary, CA


Individual: boy, age 4, sensory processing challenges, anxiety and social difficulties

Pillow Usage: nightly

Results: Just wanted to let you know we are extremely pleased with the iLs pillow.  We now call it the “magic pillow” and he really likes listening to the music, so much so that he requests it pretty much every night.


Individual: male, age 10

Pillow Usage: nightly

Symptoms: social and emotional difficulties, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep and waking

Results: My younger son, Sam has slept on the pillow every night this week.  He’s been able to wake up in the morning and be happy!   He’s typically so uncooperative and difficult waking up that it takes him awhile to even function.   It takes many times of going in and dragging him out of bed and then he lays down on the floor or sneaks off into the bathroom or some place and lays back down.  Often when you go in and gently shake him he comes up swinging.   This week he has awakened like a normal person.  Gotten up and gotten dressed, been cheerful and kind!   I am just so excited in the little/BIG differences that I’m experiencing just in this week.

I have been using one of the pillows for myself as I’m in place in life where I can’t stay asleep.  It’s been amazing!!!!!  I might need to order another pillow the boys don’t like taking turns on the pillow.


Individual: boy, age 9, Aspergers and sensory issues

Pillow Usage: nightly

Results: Amazing is an understatement! He used to be up until 12:30am every single night and now he is asleep by 10. It used to take hours for him to unwind and now with the pillow, he is sound asleep in under 10 minutes. He has told us that the pillow allows his brain to turn off! He doesn’t have nightmares anymore and his behavior is improving! He says he finally feels rested!! Wish we had this pillow years ago!!”


Individual: female; age 14; sleep difficulties and Dyslexia

Pillow Usage: 1 week

Results: She is waking up earlier than normal and is going to bed a lot quicker without flailing about.  She slept soundly. The pillow is a nice thing to have and we will continue using it.


Individual:  male; age 6; sensory processing difficulties and anxiety

Pillow Usage: 1 week

Results: He liked using the pillow and fell asleep before the music ended.  He used to come in my room to sleep in my bed but he has stopped.  My child is less tired and he will continue to use the pillow.


Individual:  Male; age 3.5; Epilepsy, Verbal and Oral apraxia, Receptive Language Delay

Pillow Usage: at home, every night and during naptime for 2 weeks. Relaxation II

Results: We’ve started the iLs Pillow, and based on our results from that we’re very excited to start the full iLs system. The first five nights using the pillow S. slept soundly without waking for the first time in about a year, and he woke very rested and calm and ready to start the day with a great attitude (which is sometimes difficult when you have to wake as early as we do for therapy). After the sixth night he’s begun waking through the night again, but we’re seeing a marked increase in daily skills and vocabulary pickup. We consulted with his OT today and we changed the settings up a bit this evening so we shall see if we can get back the magic from the first 5 nights. Regardless, the daily improvements have been fantastic. He enjoys the pillow and asks for it at bedtime and naptime.


Individual:  Male; age 14 months; Cerebral Palsy/severe hypotonia

Pillow Usage: at home, every night and during naptime for 1 week.  iLs Pillow Program & Relaxation I

Results: This pillow is changing my son’s life!  While he is a very happy little boy who really isn’t stressed, he has very limited movement and doesn’t sleep well at all. Since using the pillow his movement has increased significantly and OT was able to stimulate weight bearing through legs for the first time.  He is sleeping through the night vs. 3-4 wake ups AND taking 2 hour long naps on his pillow. He also is falling asleep all by himself.


Individual: adult female; lawyer and mother of 2 children; none, other than the usual stress of a working mom

Pillow Usage: at home and with children

Results: “I tried it yesterday afternoon to see if I could actually fall asleep with it for a little cat nap, which I usually can’t do, even when I want to.  The music is beautiful, and the sound quality is amazing.  Hearing the music coming to you through the bone conduction is also a unique and pleasant experience. Sure enough, I fell into this exquisite sleep, waking up much refreshed.  The pillow itself is also quite comfortable.  I thought it might be too small, but it’s really not.  Then, I gave it to my son and told him to just go rest for a while after homework.  That was around 5:00 pm.  Sure enough, he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until I rousted him at 7:00 am the next morning!  He loves it.   Now my eldest daughter is asking me to use the pillow every night!  She is the one who often has trouble falling asleep and always sleeps very lightly.  I’m particularly amused that she wants to use the pillow because, as a teenager, she normally rejects all my well-intentioned, new-fangled ideas.  So, she must like it, or she’d never ask for it in a million years…”


Individual:  male; age 10; attention and behavior difficulties

Pillow Usage: 1 week

Results: He really liked the music but initially found the pillow uncomfortable. After using it a few days, it was definitely easier to wake up in the morning.  He began waking himself up after 3 days of using the pillow.  In general, he was less irritable during the day, and his mother felt like he was getting a good night’s sleep.


I have the same, have not had my autistic son wake up in middle of the night since we bought the pillow and it calms him down so fast that he soon falls asleep when he has it on.

- iLs parent


Thank you so much for accommodating my requests. I have been so pleased with the iLs program and also the team that supports it. It feels like real people helping real people. Hard to find in businesses today. Thank you.

Regarding the iLs Pillow and my son’s night terrors: since he started using the iLs Pillow, he had one very mild night terror and NONE after that. He asks for his Pillow now every night and seems to be catching up on his much needed sleep.

Lisa Raupp


Our OT highly recommended the iLs Pillow for my non-sleeping, 5 year old, SPD, son. Ever since he was born, he never slept well, certainly not through the night. What an amazing difference the pillow has made. He now sleeps through the night! Thank you ILs for the amazing transformation in my son!



I purchased the iLs pillow for my 11 year old with sensory issues. It has made a drastic difference in how she sleeps (no more night terrors) and she is waking up easier. She calls it her music pillow. We have been using it for about a month now and do beleive it is worth the cost.

Tonya Ainsworth


I purchased the iLs Pillow about 2 months ago and definitely work.

Melissa Alduende


I purchased an iLs pillow in desperation for my seven year old son with anxiety. It was my last resort before medication to help him to sleep. We were absolutely astounded when he immediately started sleeping with the pillow! It was like a miracle! Before the pillow we had asked him to draw a picture of “bedtime”. He drew a picture with his hands on his head, screaming, with a word bubble that said, “Why can’t I sleep!” A week after sleeping on the pillow we asked him to make another drawing. He drew a picture of himself with his eyes closed, smiling, and music notes coming out of his ears. I asked if wanted to put in a word bubble. He said, “no because I’m sleeping.”  But our joy hasn’t stopped there! Our two year old started using the pillow too! He asks for his music and settles down completely asleep within five minutes! If he starts fussing at night we quickly out back on the pillow and off he goes back to sleep (and mommy and daddy, too!!) I was so skeptical thinking that a pillow could really help our son but I SWEAR this has been an absolute life changer for our entire family. Bottom Line: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Kerri Vivathana


I am really enjoying my iLs pillow. My therapist recommended it to me for anxiety and it really has helped me to be less reactive to things that in the past would have upset me. I was really happy that I took the time to purchase the pillow, it helps me a great deal to not worry as much and I am sleeping much better at night.



I used it to test it out before I offered it to children.

I found that I immediately started breathing in a calm way and started resting well before I fell asleep.

While I was calm, I listened to the music and forgot about the worries of the day.

I enjoyed the pillow!

Diane VandeMeent


The ILs Pillow has helped my son fall asleep faster, sleep more sound and wake up happier each morning. He has learned to turn it on himself and makes sure that it is on each night. It is comfortable and the sound is nicely adjustable for his comfort.

Stephanie Blackwell


My 9 year old son who used to have a hard time winding down at night, now within minutes of listening to the iLs Pillow, he falls right to sleep. He describes the music as “wonderful”. He also has hyper-sensitive hearing and I am noticing less sensitivity to noises that in the past would send him running out of the room. I have also used the iLs pillow and I feel that when I do, I awake in the morning feeling more rested. It is very easy to use and the sound quality is excellent. Thanks for the great product and making bedtime more manageable at our house.

Nancy S


I purchased the pillow before I took the training course as I had been reading good reviews and case study results.

I’ve always had difficulty waking up in the mornings; I have 4 different alarms that go off every morning, and I’ve been known to sleep through all of them. I attribute this to restless and interrupted sleep. With no other changes than use of the pillow (I didn’t get more hours of sleep, drink hot tea before bed, etc.), I can say I experienced the most restful night of sleep in a long time. I actually woke up with the 1st alarm, I did not snooze, and felt super refreshed and ready to start my day.

I am just now starting to recommend the pillow to be used at home with my patients who difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep; a tired child cannot get all the benefits from therapy if they have experienced a restless night prior. I’m sure parents will see great positives differences at home as I will see in clinic.

Monica Gonzalez


My sister and my mother (whom are suffering from insomnia and stress) have tried it and they report that they have a much deeper and longer sleeping experience. They are very happy with my present.

Martín Aspíllaga


We bought this pillow for our 4 year old who tossed and turned all night and woke up nightly. The first week she used it we noticed a substantial change in the amount of tossing and turning coming from her room and there were no late night visits. We’ve had it for a month now and I’ve personally recommended it to at least three other people. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

Greg Classen


The iLs Pillow is wonderful, the problem with it is all of us are fighting over using it! It helps my son with ADHD fall asleep much faster and he is not waking up as much at night. If I’m over tired and can’t shut off my brain, I take it from him after he’s asleep, fall asleep and then my husband pulls it out of my pillow for him to use and wakes me up! Luckily, I’m so relaxed as a result of the pillow that I go back to sleep. Now, instead of taking melatonin to fall asleep, we use the pillow. It is a great tool and I highly recommend it!

Gail Baum


The iLs pillow has been extremely helpful for my 9 year-old daughter who has difficulty falling asleep. After using the pillow, she wakes up happily in the morning. I have used the pillow too and found it very helpful. Now we need to take turns using it!

Laura Foody


I purchased a pillow for my mom who has an auto immune disorder. She wakes up several time during the night. She has been sleeping with it for the last couple weeks and has noticed a couple positive things: 1) she is only waking up once a night 2) she is not snoring as loud.

Megan Vickers


Son Love pillow. But there a smell from the glue . For children with sensory issues that could be a problem. Little worried if its toxic .

Andrew Deckhut

iLs Response: Thank you for your review. We wanted to assure you that the foam used in the iLs Pillow is recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The cover fabric is a waterproof, soft, breathable, washable polyester/polyurethane mix often used for diapers, bibs, wet bags, etc. For maximum comfort and washing convenience, we recommend using an iLs Pillowcase or one’s personal pillowcase over the iLs Pillow. – iLs


My 5 year old son LOVES his iLs pillow! We have noticed a decrease in his auditory sensitivity since we started using the pillow. He used to refuse to use public toilets because they are so loud. Today he barely notices.

Lisa Klostermann


I bought the pillow for my daughter. She said that it made her dizzy and does not want to try it again. However, I use it nightly and fall asleep with ease. The music is soothing and I don’t ‘feel’ anything that my daughter has stated. I sleep well and love it!!!!

Lisa H


My 8 year old son was in the habit of reading after he went to bed. For many months, I allowed this, to support reading development. His fall asleep time became later and later, until it was usually after midnight. Too late for an 8 year old. He resisted my turning the light out at bedtime — I had always let him read, and he never did fall asleep quickly, with the light on or off.

Now, with the pillow, he goes to bed at 9:30, with the lights out, and the pillow music playing. He is asleep before 10:00. He sleeps until about 8:00 am, so gets about 10 hours of sleep per night. Before the pillow, he was only getting about 8 hours of sleep per night.

Joyce Parker


My son has insomnia and he says the pillow helps him to sleep.

The treatment has been used in conjunction with help from doctors.

There is a lot of sensory issues and it is still a process.

Jack Xu


I ordered an ILS pillow at the suggestion of my son’s OT. I started my ASD pre-K son listening to it on a Friday at bed time. My son received a “GREAT DAY” report from his teacher on Monday. By mid-week, his teacher said he seemed much less anxious in class, there were less tantrums, and he just seemed happier than she has ever seen him. For weeks upon weeks prior, his daily school reports were not good. He had difficulty participating and functioning in a loud class of 12-16 special needs students. I was still a little surprised that it could be the pillow, so I stopped using it from the following Friday-Tuesday. My son went back to having his typical difficult days. I reintroduced the pillow mid-week and he started having good days again. In addition, my son has always had trouble going to sleep at night. He seems to enjoy lying/listening and gets a good night of rest now, which has helped immensely. I was skeptical at first, but I’m a believer. Thank you ILS!

Rochelle West


Our six year old is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. At night he had always enjoyed reading to himself but mostly talking to himself. He could jibber jabber for at least an hour every night regardless if what time we put him down. He’s always been a great sleeper when he finally falls asleep so we were hesitant to try melatonin. But now that he’s in kindergarten full time we know how important every moment of sleep is. After a month using the pillow there is significant less self talk at night (which just seems more relaxing). He has been getting upon his own and much more pleasant in the morning. I can’t really notice any other effects throughout the day but getting the mornings off to a pleasant start with a well rested kiddo is priceless!

Stephanie Locke


My daughter has ALWAYS had trouble falling asleep. The first time she put her head on the pillow she sighed a happy, satisfied sigh, and fell asleep in just a few minutes. I rested on the pillow myself one afternoon and felt like I was swimming in music. We love it!

Kimberly Portent


Volume across pillow doesn’t seem to be uniform. Sound on side of pillow on the far side of the ipod doesn’t seem to be as loud as side of pillow closest to ipod.

The classical music is too lively for sleeping. Please load classical music that is more soothing (e.g. Bizet, Brahms, Debussy, Pachelbel)

Matthew Tierney


The iLs pillow is phenomenal! My son falls asleep in minutes, and finally sleeps through the night. Their customer service technicians are amazing, and extremely helpful if a problem happens to arise. They sent me a new player for my pillow, free of charge. I received it within days of my call. We are so pleased with this product and this company. I highly recommend it!

Rachel Sonnier


We love the iLs Pillow. I have recommended it to the school counselors and learning support teachers for their students who have sleep issues. My son falls asleep easily every night and is so much more well-rested.



I bought this pillow for my 7 year old son, who has SPD. We have been using it for about 2 months. I haven’t noticed any behavior changes yet, but he is definitely sleeping better. He used to be up about every 2 minutes with some kind of can’t-go-to-bed-yet excuse. Now we tuck him in and don’t see him again til morning.

My 5 year old daughter (no SPD) has also used it and loves it, so now I guess I’m buying two! But Dad is an insomniac, so maybe I should get three….



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